Meet. Network. Grow.

Be a part of the largest business group in the local area.

The Eden Valley Chamber of Commerce is run by our members for our members and represents the interests of members business in the Eden Valley district.

The Chamber is open and inclusive to all businesses and actively listens to, understands and represents Eden Valley businesses to ensure that their voice is heard and respected at local and regional level.

Becoming a Member does have its benefits, in local business it helps “Who you Know” 

Being a member of the Eden Valley Chamber of Commerce offers the following benefits, starting from as little as 87p per week. 

Membership benefits; 

  • Regular meetings, workshops & seminars via Zoom or local venue.  
  • Free listing on our website. 
  • Briefings on financial, legal and other topics which affect local businesses. 
  • Monitoring of planning and environmental matters that affect our area. 
  • Free access to our networking events. (not including combined networking and social events) 
  • Business slots plus sponsorship opportunities, enabling you to promote your business. 
  • Representation on your behalf to government, local Member of Parliament, Sevenoaks District Council and Edenbridge Town Council. 
  • Monthly Membership meetings for all members and employees of members if they wish to represent their company. 
  • Networking. Opportunities for Members to run their own event to showcase their company. Subsidised by the Chamber.Guests are welcome but are charged a reasonable fee. Fees will also be charged for combined networking and social events. 
  • Members Pack. To include member to member offers and planned social event discounts. 
  • Loyalty Card Club, supporting local business, buy local. 
  • Volunteer opportunity to support the Chamber Exec Team in running the group. 
  • *We continue our search for a permanent, Business Centre building of our own  to offer conference and training facilities available at reduced rates. 
  • *Ad Frames to be displayed in reception area. 

This list is not exhaustive and other benefits will hopefully be added by our Members. *work in progress   

Membership Types & Fees per year  

  • Sole Trader Member  £45 
  • Business Member (1+ employees) from £65 
  • Affiliated Member (associate, by donation, volunteer, retiree or other) 
  • Friends of the Chamber Member (associate, by donation, volunteer, retiree or other)
  • (£10 Joining fee may apply) 

Our expectations of all our Members  

  • Attend regular meetings or send a representative 
  • Actively communicate your business ideas, opportunities, recruitment etc 
  • Event participation – we need your support 
  • Attend Networking – proven to enhance awareness of your business 
  • Support, Sponsor and Volunteer work where possible 


Why Join? – Being a member of the Eden Valley Chamber of Commerce offers many benefits starting from as little as 87p per week.

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Click on the link below to find out about the latest news, events and membership offers.

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Postal address – Eden Valley Chamber Ltd c/o WBD Accountants Limited, Marlbridge House, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge TN8 6HF 

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